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HEINEKEN Vietnam sustainability is a guiding compass
Hai Chau
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HEINEKEN Vietnam sustainability is a guiding compass

Hai Chau

HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Managing Director, Alexander Koch, explains why the brewer has gone to great lengths to make sustainability its guiding compass and to be always on top of its agenda of supporting the People, Planet and Prosperity.

Why has HEINEKEN Vietnam always taken sustainability as the top priority/goal in its business?

- HEINEKEN Vietnam has always integrated sustainability into its business because it’s the right thing to do. To be a partner for growth in Vietnam, we not only have to contribute positively to the economy, but also to society and to the environment. That is why our sustainability strategy ‘Brewing a Better Vietnam’ covers a broad agenda of supporting the planet, people and prosperity.

It’s a very relevant agenda as Vietnam is listed as one of most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Climate change surrounds us whether it is extreme and unpredictable weather, disease, drought in the Mekong Delta or flooding in central areas which causes both social and economic uncertainty. The good news is that the Government, businesses and the general public are increasingly aware of this topic and are taking actions to mitigate risks and contribute positively to the United Nation Sustainable Goals. At HEINEKEN Vietnam we are proud to be leading in this area and will certainly continue to keep sustainability as an integrated part of our business in the future.

Alexander Koch, HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Managing Director, presented HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Sustainability Report 2019, outlining its key sustainability achievements and its vision for 2025.

Can you share with us the highlights/achievements from this year’s Sustainability Report?

- Building a sustainable business is a long-term journey, but it’s important we keep reporting on our progress annually. The 2019 Sustainability Report not only showcases our achievements but also shares our challenges, reflects on how we have adjusted our priorities and approach to ensure that we remain on the right track, and includes ambitious goals for 2025.

Highlights to bolster the economy include supporting 212,000 jobs, which is 46,000 more than the previous year and contributing to nearly 1% of Vietnam’s GDP. We invested a total of VND14 billion into Responsible

Consumption campaigns, reaching over 56 million people online and offline. We also contributed VND5.6 billion to support local communities in need and invested VND28 billion for employee development and training. On the environmental side, we continued to embed a circular economy model into our operations and achieved 99% of all our waste and by-products recycled and re-used and tripled our water efficiency since 1993.

How does HEINEKEN Vietnam set its ambitious vision for 2025? What support does HEINEKEN Vietnam need from external stakeholders to achieve these goals?

- Every year, we conduct studies and gather feedback from our internal and external stakeholders to better understand where we need to improve. That means we ask the question: “What is most important to focus on and what are the highest risks to consider?” to our internal staff, journalists, government entities, our customers and partners. Based on the feedback we receive, we adjust our priorities and targets accordingly.

For example we learned climate change is the most important issue for both our internal and external stakeholders and this helped us to prioritize our water and energy targets in our 2025 ambitions.

Companies cannot drive sustainability alone, it involves working together with the Government, NGO’s, society and employees. We are lucky in Vietnam to have forums where like-minded groups can come together such as VCCI, VBCSD, and CSI. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Government on innovative schemes in Vietnam such as the Direct Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) pilot plan and will continue working with them closely on the regulatory framework for this model.

Did Covid-19 have any impact on your Sustainability strategy? What does the future of HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Sustainability look like, especially post Covid-19?

- Sustainability is a guiding compass to help us overcome challenges and stay true to our values for long-term success. When confronted with the unprecedented situation of Covid-19 it helped us to make decisions which prioritized safety and our people, as well supporting society and our customers. For example, when we launched our new brand Bia Viet we decided to contribute VND10 billion to support Covid relief efforts. To support our customers re-open their businesses we did a Tiger Uncage the Street Vibes program providing 1.5 million bottles to restaurants and bars.

Covid-19 doesn’t change our long-term sustainability outlook, in fact it makes us want to be bolder and stronger. That is why we recently announced our ambitious 2025 vision: 100% water balanced, 100% renewable energy, zero waste to landfill and sourcing 100% of our packaging materials locally.

What progress has HEINEKEN made in promoting responsible consumption?

- Promoting responsible consump-tion is one of our core commitments at HEINEKEN. We are excited to share that in March we launched Heineken® 0.0 to provide our Vietnamese consumers with a great-tasting non-alcoholic Heineken® beer that they can enjoy during occasions when they cannot drink alcohol.

This complements our ‘When You Drive Never Drink’ campaign, which partners with the National Traffic Safety Committee and supports the Government’s efforts to address drink driving in Vietnam.  We invested more than 10% of our Heineken brand budget in this campaign, and last year we piloted activations in restaurants and bars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We trained staff on how to discuss this topic with consumers, created touchpoints throughout the venue as reminders to inspire consumers to change their behavior and offered ride share vouchers where they could get home safely.

It’s encouraging that behavioral change has started to take place among our consumers and customers and we will continue to invest in this driving this positive change.

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