Wednesday,  Thg6 29, 2022,08:19 (GMT+7) 0 0
Labor shortages may impede companies’ recovery
Sunday,  Thg8 22, 2021,14:09 (GMT+7)
Adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic growth of Vietnam’s key cities, such as Hanoi and HCMC, has been slower. The exodus of migrant workers leaving HCMC may make the path of recovery planned by enterprises more bumpy.
Sunday,  Thg8 22, 2021,12:21 (GMT+7)
To assess the effectiveness of the locally produced Nanocovax vaccine against the coronavirus, it needs first to look at what the world normally calculates the prevention efficiency of a vaccine.
Sunday,  Thg8 22, 2021,08:57 (GMT+7)
As of August 8, 2021, some 4.4 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in 180 countries and territories in the world. All in all, around 30% of the global population have been inoculated with one dose and 15% with two doses. However, the distribution of vaccines is uneven in different parts of the globe. In poor countries, the ratio of people receiving one jab is only 1.1%. Approximately, 8.3% of all Vietnamese have received one shot and 0.9% received two. COVAX, Covid-19 Vaccine Global Access, a global initiative aiming at equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines, has so far been able to provide only 188 million doses in 138 countries, way below the target of 2 billion doses in 2021. Therefore, Vietnam should try her utmost to produce vaccines on her own. This article addresses some aspects of the issue.
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,20:33 (GMT+7)
To ensure that the ultimate goal of social distancing in HCMC for a long or even a very long time will be successful in addition to achieving economic targets, a more suitable and better prepared action plan is needed so as to help stabilize the people’s life and livelihoods. The key word of this plan would be “flexibility.”
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,20:26 (GMT+7)
As Covid-19 erupts, how the tripartite relation involving employers, employees and the Government can strike a balance between stakeholders’ benefits and legal compliance is a pressing matter. This article offers insights into this issue.
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,14:03 (GMT+7)
What does living with Covid-19 entail? How can Vietnam do so in the long run?
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,09:29 (GMT+7)
In the first half of 2021, Vietnam in general achieved considerable growth targets in the context of a stable macro environment. However, impressive yet elusive figures representing GDP (Growth Domestic Product) fail to paint the realistic picture of the hardships currently endured by both businesses and the people as Covid-19 outbreaks have continued to devastate localities nationwide.
Sunday,  Thg8 8, 2021,15:48 (GMT+7)
Some suggestions on how Vietnam’s economy can surmount challenges posed by a protracted pandemic
Sunday,  Thg8 8, 2021,13:56 (GMT+7)
Over the years, the ratio of deposits made by economic institutions has risen significantly among the overall deposits into the banking system. This ratio at approximately 40% five years ago soared to almost 49% recently to approach that made by individual bank account holders. Notably, the ratio has climbed remarkably over the past two years.
Sunday,  Thg8 8, 2021,11:37 (GMT+7)
This article, based on the dataset from Google Community Mobility Reports, analyzes the level of community movement in Vietnam in general and in some localities affected by the four attacks of Covid-19.
Sunday,  Thg8 1, 2021,19:08 (GMT+7)
Mechanical ventilators help Covid-19 patients maintain respiration after their lungs have been damaged by the coronavirus. From the economic viewpoint, it is almost the same when the economy is more ailing and enterprises are exhausted. Without timely and effective measures, the current situation would get even worse.
Sunday,  Thg8 1, 2021,18:23 (GMT+7)
The digital era poses challenges to policymaking and public governance, the greatest of which pertains to swift changes in technology, expectations and adaptability.
Sunday,  Thg8 1, 2021,14:16 (GMT+7)
According to statistics released by the General Statistics Office (GSO) at the end of June, Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) calculated in accordance with comparative prices was 5.64%. The growth surprised some economists. However, the author of this article did not.
Sunday,  Thg7 25, 2021,20:09 (GMT+7)
The General Department of Taxation has recently announced the collection of key taxes— such as corporate income tax, luxury tax, value-added tax, and, especially, personal income tax—has all exceeded estimates and targets, being considerably higher than in the same period last year. This news emerged when the pandemic is at its current peak in Vietnam with strict social distancing and lockdown measures implemented across the nation.
Sunday,  Thg7 25, 2021,15:04 (GMT+7)
According to a review of the first six months by the General Department of Taxation, revenue from the main types of tax met or surpassed targets and rose dramatically year on year. Most impressive was personal income tax, estimated at VND73 trillion, or 67.7% of the annual target and almost 13% higher than that in the same period last year. What do these figures indicate?
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