Wednesday,  Thg6 29, 2022,07:45 (GMT+7) 0 0
Covid is bigger than birthday cakes
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,14:03 (GMT+7)
HCMC - I’d love to tell you that I was going out to buy all essentials during this pandemic, which is somewhat true, but… I had other motives.
Thursday,  Thg7 8, 2021,12:19 (GMT+7)
“I believe I can see the future
Monday,  Thg6 7, 2021,12:15 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Imagine you are cooking on a hot stove and burn your hand. Don’t you wish you could just take a photo and find out the severity of the injury? Well, there’s an app for that - being developed in Vietnam.
Sunday,  Thg5 30, 2021,12:50 (GMT+7)
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the livelihoods of not only Vietnamese but also many foreigners working and living in HCMC. In the following interviews with the Saigon Times , some foreigners talk about how the pandemic has upended their life here as well as the operations of their businesses and how they overcome these difficulties.
Sunday,  Thg5 2, 2021,13:44 (GMT+7)
Many aliens who have been stranded in Vietnam have tried their best to survive tough times here during the protracted pandemic. In several cases, they have to do all kinds of jobs available to pay for food and accommodation. They have also received hearty support from local communities. Irina Khmylnikova from Belarus is one of them.
Monday,  Thg4 5, 2021,16:25 (GMT+7)
HCMC - “Easy Break Oven lands a hard hit on a jammer.”
Saturday,  Thg3 6, 2021,16:26 (GMT+7)
The downtown office will still play a critical role in future corporate real estate strategy. And social interaction drives productivity in specific areas of business and is central to corporate culture.
Sunday,  Thg2 21, 2021,09:40 (GMT+7)
According to IHS Markit, Vietnam is among the top three nations with the fastest growth of shift to renewable energy in the Asia Pacific after Australia and Japan.
Friday,  Thg2 12, 2021,15:20 (GMT+7)
As a man whose life revolves around data, everything added up to make Vietnam Jon Barrett’s home base as well as launching his ambitious business venture.
Sunday,  Thg2 7, 2021,13:43 (GMT+7)
A tour of Ha Giang Province on New Year’s Eve replete with emotional feelings as well as interesting experiences recounted by a Thai tourist to Vietnam.
Sunday,  Thg1 31, 2021,15:18 (GMT+7)
Ao dai is a traditional Vietnamese costume, which literally means “long dress.” Although the modern ao dai comes in many different versions, the typical female ao dai is a tight-fitting long dress donned together with long pants.
Thursday,  Thg1 28, 2021,16:32 (GMT+7)
Just in three years, Vietnam has developed solar power to a capacity of 25% of the national total electricity output, making it one of the fastest-growing renewable energy countries in the world.
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