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Wild beauty on top of Eo Chim Pass
Sunday,  Thg8 22, 2021,14:10 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Eo Chim Pass is on the border between Tay Tra and Tay Bong districts in Quang Ngai Province. The pass looks like a silk strip stretching over mountains.
Sunday,  Thg8 22, 2021,12:21 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Aside from various dishes of fresh, delectable seafood, Phu Quoc Island off Kien Giang Province also offers bun quay (literally stirred noodle soup).
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,15:55 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Diners will first be served thin sheets of steamed rice cake and many plates of fillings such as grilled meat, herbs and pickles. Then comes the most challenging yet exciting moment of the meal: everybody present at the table will make rolls for themselves. This is the way to enjoy steamed rice cakes in Buon Ma Thuot City in Daklak, a province in the Central Highlands.
Sunday,  Thg8 15, 2021,15:54 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Tran Van Linh, a photographer, recounts his recent mountain hiking trip to Na Lay. The scenes are as beautiful as those in a fairy tale whether it is day or night, said the photographer.
Sunday,  Thg8 8, 2021,20:21 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Nga Son District in Thanh Hoa Province in the north has a popular raw fish salad whose main ingredient is ca nhech, or nhech fish (pisodonophis boro)—a local eel-like fish, which lives in paddy fields, is very elusive and is thus hard to catch.
Sunday,  Thg8 8, 2021,19:47 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The central province of Binh Dinh used to be the capital of the Champa kingdom (998-1471). Until now, some remnants of the kingdom’s towers, which represent the culture of the ancient empire, are still seen in the province. Among these is Hon Chuong tower, one that has been long lost for more than five centuries.
Sunday,  Thg8 1, 2021,18:24 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Chuon Village in Phu Vang District, seven kilometers from Hue City, Thua Thien-Hue Province, boasts distinctive local culture as well as specialties. The village is on the bank of Tam Giang brackish lagoon—the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. 
Sunday,  Thg8 1, 2021,18:24 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Visitors to Binh Duong Province should taste the local chicken salad with mangosteen—one of the most well-known specialties there.
Sunday,  Thg7 25, 2021,19:50 (GMT+7)
HCMC - In April 2018, Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark in Cao Bang Province was recognized as part of the UNESCO Global Network of National Geoparks. The park is home to million-year-old limestone mountains. Gradual subsidence has made giant holes which are now habitats for tropical vegetation. Meanwhile, some other arc-like mountains may give visitors the impression of a gate of heaven. Travelers are sometimes enchanted by a giant lonesome limestone mass in unique shape in the rice field. Last but not least, mysterious caves in such limestone mountains always arouse curiosity from adventurers.
Sunday,  Thg7 25, 2021,17:40 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Aside from the beautiful mountainscape and caves in Trang An and Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Ninh Binh Province is also famed for its specialties made of goats that live on limestone mountains.
Sunday,  Thg7 25, 2021,15:06 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The two ancient traditional craft villages in An Nhon District, Binh Dinh Province, have tried their best to maintain the traditional local craft.
Sunday,  Thg7 18, 2021,14:05 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Lan Ha—a bay in the shape of an arc, which accommodates more than 400 lush-green islets—offers a wonderful landscape.
Sunday,  Thg7 18, 2021,12:00 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Pickled shrimps are among the most popular side dishes in Vietnam’s central coast region. However, it is the version in Binh Dinh Province that is most appealing to food lovers because of its distinctive flavor.
Sunday,  Thg7 11, 2021,16:16 (GMT+7)
HCMC - At 2,913 meters above sea level, Lung Cung peak in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province, is a compelling destination for young mountaineers.
Sunday,  Thg7 11, 2021,13:20 (GMT+7)
HCMC - A young lady recounts the itinerary of her very first mountain trip made to conquer the 2,000 meter-plus Ngoc Linh Mountain in the Central Highlands.
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